Why You Should Choose A Well Known Brand Of Step Ladder

aluminum brand of step ladderWhen purchasing a step ladder a great rule of thumb to follow is to stick with the tried and tested.

Using a substandard step ladder can be extremely dangerous so its best to make use of brands that have built a reputation for reliability when producing step ladders.

The most common, well known and trusted ladder manufacturers have been in business for many years. Names like Werner, Little Giant, Louisville and Gorilla are all well known for providing quality, value for money ladders.

With ladder accidents landing an average of 90,000 Americans in the emergency room each year a good ladder from a reputable manufacturer is an investment worth making. buying a quality step ladder is only the first step to making sure that you don’t become a statistic.

Always make sure that you are purchasing the correct ladder for the job. If in doubt ask a shop assistant.

A common brand of step ladder like those mentioned above use only top quality materials like aluminum, lightweight steel and fiberglass to manufacture a wide variety of different ladders.

The use of top quality materials ensures that when you purchase a brand of step ladder from one of these well known manufacturers you are getting quality value for money and an investment in your own safety that will provide value for many years.

The lightweight construction of these ladders make them extremely easy to transport from location to location. Unfortunately buying a ladder from a less well known manufacturer can result in injury, not only from the use of the ladder for its primary purpose, but also through injuries sustained while transporting the equipment.

Each of the well known manufacturers has built their rock solid reputation around quality products and each has carved out a market in certain segments of the market.

For instance Little Giant Ladders are recognized as the choice for many do-it-yourself projects.

Brand Of Step Ladder

Louisville ladders are extremely popular on building sites. Thisis due to their rugged construction and the light weight of many of the fiberglass models of step ladders that they manufacture.

Werner Ladders have a reputation as the best brand of step ladder that money can buy, based on great build quality and exceptional value, Chances are that if you visit nay construction site Werner ladders will be represented in a number of different forms.

Werner Ladders have also achieved near legendary status due in part for their reputation for safety and durability even under the harshest of conditions.

Ladder products from other manufacturers such as Gorilla are also a common sight in homes and gardens across the country.

These ladders are manufactured using lightweight steel, making them tough and extremely weather resistant.

Whatever ladder you choose make sure that it manufactured by a recognized brand. This is your guarantee of quality. Remember using a less well known brand of step ladder can very often lead to severe injury.