The Benefits of Rubbermaid Ladders

rubbermaid ladders for homeWe all have at one time or another pulled a chair out from the table so we could use it to pull that platter off the top shelf.

Or to get up high enough to dust the ceiling fan when we are spring cleaning. But, really that is not good for our chairs nor is it truly safe. Safety is the number one benefit of Rubbermaid ladders.

The nice large platform for us to stand on, as well as the handle height extending well above the platform gives you added safety. There is also a latch designed to keep the ladder fully opened while you are using it. And the big rubber feet widely spaced make you feel safe, knowing the ladder is not going to slip or scratch your floors.

Another benefit to Rubbermaid ladders is the fact that they are light weight enough to be easily carried from room to room. And yet they are no light weights when it comes to sturdiness.

I love the handle which not only makes them easy to carry but, makes them easy to store by hanging them on a hook. And yes Rubbermaid also sells hooks for just that purpose. For apartment dwellers it is great that they fold up thin enough to be stored neatly in your closet.

Rubbermaid Ladders and Stepstools

Of course Rubbermaid also has those handy little step stools that we all remember in grandma’s pantry which doubled as a high chair for ‘big’ kids. I can still remember sitting on one as a child. They are much easier to clean up and safer than putting your child on wobbly phone books.

Of course the security and confidence that comes behind the name Rubbermaid is another reason to buy a Rubbermaid ladders. It is easy to find them when you go ladder shopping and you can trust that they will be a long lasting purchase.

So if you are moving in to your first home or apartment. When you head out to buy all those new household items don’t forget to include a Rubbermaid ladders on your shopping list.

Or before you get ready to do all that spring cleaning, remember to be prepared. Make sure you have the proper tools to get the work done. That includes getting yourself a good sturdy step ladder to reach all those hard to get at places. Choose Rubbermaid ladders.


By Craig McPherson