Ladder Reviews For 2018

Selecting and purchasing a ladder is not as easy as you would think. There are many variables that come into play when choosing a ladder whether it be for home use, for the office or for work. Safety should be the first consideration when selecting any ladder so it is vital to select only those ladders made by reputable manufacturers such as Werner, Little Giant, Cosco etc. These brands of ladders have stood the test of time and passed stringent safety standards.

Other important points to consider are the type of material the ladder is made from whether it be timber, aluminum or fiberglass and lastly the height restrictions of the ladder is paramount. Ensuring you have the ladder that will reach the height you need safely is vital.

Use the links below to read the reviews of various types of ladders. The team and I have spent hours researching, reviewing and picking apart only the best ladders so that your job is that much simpler and easy. Each link will open in a new window allowing you to choose multiple reviews.

Aluminum Ladder Review – Having a ladder for home use should be standard in most households today. Having one that also meets your needs is important too.
Best Attic Ladder Review – Using your roof space for storage makes sense and buying an attic ladder is a must.
Extension Ladder Review – Extension ladders used to be awkward to extend but with this extension ladder your only work is up the ladder.
Fiberglass Ladder Review – Working around electricity requires a fiberglass ladder to be used. Why not use the best ladder available.
Folding Ladder Review – Folding ladders give you options to erect it it any nook or crevice. Explore this amazing folding ladder.
Step Ladder Review – From the 2 step ladder for office or home use to the double sided 6ft model. Step ladders are a must.
Telescoping Ladder Review – These space age ladders provide versatility to tackle any job or height. Read our review here.
Little Giant Step Ladder Reviews – Little Giant are synonomous with quality ladders at discounted prices. Read more here.
Aluminum Attic Ladder Reviews – Read how easy it is to install a aluminum attic ladder in your home today.
Werner Ladder Review – Werner extension ladders are the ladder of choice for most tradesmen in America for 2018. Read why.
Telescopic Ladder Reviews – A telestep or telescopic ladder gives you variety and choices when using a ladder at home or work.