2018’s Top Rated and Best Folding Ladders

Best Folding LaddersIf you are a homeowner, you probably will need a ladder. You may need a ladder to climb onto the roof, or to clean the gutters. You may need the ladder to clean second story windows.

Inside the house, you may need a ladder to reach the light fixtures, or to clean a high shelf. You can buy an extension ladder to reach the roof, and a step ladder to reach the light fixtures.

A better alternative, though, is to buy yourself a multi fold ladder.

A multi fold ladder can be used as a regular step ladder. Just spread the two halves to an appropriate distance, and you have yourself a step ladder. If you extend one side farther than the other, you have a step ladder that you can safely use on the stairs.

Unfold the ladder, and you can use a multi fold ladder as an extension ladder. The best folding ladders can even be split into two small step ladders, which can be used by themselves, or you can set a plank between the two, making a scaffold.

Another advantage to a multi fold ladder is storage. A multi fold ladder can be stored in a small space in your garage, basement or storage area. It takes up less space than an extension ladder and a step ladder. This can be a huge advantage if you have only a small storage space.

With the advantages of multi fold ladders come some disadvantages. Multi fold ladders can be heavy. They may not be as heavy as a big extension ladder, but they are heavier than the typical stepladder.

Cost is another consideration. A quality multi fold ladder can cost you a lot of money. As an extension ladder, a multi fold ladder is usually adequate for most uses, but they do have limitations. They typically only extend to 10-12 feet. If you need something taller, you may be better off with a regular extension ladder.

The Best Folding Ladders

You should take a look at what you need in a ladder, and decide if a multi fold ladder is right for you. Take a look at the advantages and disadvantages. A multi fold ladder can be very convenient, and may well fit your needs.

Just compare the cost with regular ladders, and weigh that against the convenience. In most cases, a multi purpose ladder will certainly fit your ladder needs.

So what are the best or top rated multi fold ladders available today? Well, after reading all the reviews on reputable websites it seems to be a race between Werner and Neiko as to who makes the premier multi purpose, multi fold ladders in the US as we speak.

The bottom line is that if you want to work around steps or stairs or need a platform or a scaffold, buy a multi ladder. They really are the most versatile aluminum ladder around.

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