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Why Cosco Has The Best Aluminum Ladder For Home And Business Use

My vote for best aluminum ladder for indoor use goes to the Cosco 6ft premium step ladder for a variety of reasons and top of these is safety, versatility, price and ease of use.

It really is the perfect ladder for any chore inside or outside the home. The rave reviews, many from women, solidify it’s reputation in the aluminum ladder stakes.

Aluminum ladders are so popular among your average Joe or Jill because they are lightweight yet strong enough to easily hold a big man.

Being able to easily carry the Cosco ladder is a plus and throw in the fact that aluminum never rusts and you will have a ladder for years provided you perform some minor maintenance.

So What Makes It So Good?

Well, the maker for a start. Cosco simply make great ladders. You cannot be in the ladder business since 1939 by making crappy ladders. They have strict quality control standards that have to be adhered to and when you throw in the fact that all ladders must pass the Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines as set out by the United States Department of Labor and you immediately feel secure in buying a ladder from a reputable company such as Cosco.

Is The Ladder Practical?

This really is the perfect ladder for home use. It is perfect for changing light globes, retrieving items from high up in the wardrobe, getting access to the inside roof of the house or even painting the cornices or cutting in when painting. You can use it outside to clean the windows above head height. It is also ideal for pruning tall bushes or shrubs or for hanging decorations around the eaves. (This ladder is not recommended for clearing gutters on a single story dwelling.)

Does It Have Anti Skid Steps?

It is becoming increasingly common to find new ladders manufactured after a particular date are fitted with anti slip or skid proof steps. There are no standards for this application so the method could vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Some ladders will have a rubber type substance on each step to eliminate slipping but to be honest, this is a bit of overkill in my opinion. I reckon Cosco got it right simply by putting a tread on each step. This is ample in preventing your foot from slipping off a rung provided you step onto the rung and not into it. By this I mean that you should always lift your foot higher than the rung and bring it down onto the rung as opposed to sliding your foot onto it.

In keeping with the anti slip theme, the legs are fitted with non marking, anti slip leg tips to keep the ladder stable if you are on a shiny surface such as linoleum.

Why Was It Voted Best Ladder?

This is really why I have voted this the number one home aluminum ladder. It has three wide steps and the 4th step is actually a platform that clips onto the back side of the A framed ladder. This provides two distinct advantages.

1. This platform also acts as a locking device to prevent the ladder from spreading or collapsing which is vitally important in regards to personal safety on a ladder. Cosco have eliminated the age old aluminum hinge that these types of ladders have used for decades.

2. Having the wide platform for the top rung allows you to stand on the ladder with both feet firmly planted on the ground. (so to speak). This helps enormously if you have to be on the ladder for any great length of time. It saves the arches of your feet and calves from aching after prolonged standing on the stock standard ladder rung. You are also able to pivot and turn to perform other tasks.

What Else Has It Got?

The Cosco 20-61AABL premium aluminum step ladder has not one but two tool trays. The larger of the 2 protudes out the back of the ladder and can conveniently hold items up to and including a standard sized paint can. The upper tool tray is ideal for storing small hand tools, light globes, paint brushes etc. Both tray are placed in front of you to eliminate twisting and turning.

It is a type 1A industrial duty rated aluminum ladder capable of holding 300 pounds. This is ample for household use but reading the reviews there are quite a few businesses using this ladder in their day to day activities with work.Transporting the ladder from location to location is a snap as well. Apart from being lightweight, it comes with a sturdy carry strap on the side so that you can carry it around without effort. This, in my opinion, is a fantastic addition especially if a small framed lady is using it.

Any Bad Reviews About It?

Out of 27 reviews for this ladder, 21 gave it 5 stars. There was one chap who said the clip that holds the two sides of the ladder together broke and another guy stated that one leg was longer than the other three. Wierd huh? You can read all of the reviews HERE to get the full picture.

Where Can I Buy It?

I spent an hour going over various sites for the best deal and had the best price by far. ( I did find it $7 cheaper elsewhere but when I clicked on the buy button I got an error message). Be aware that because they are the cheapest they often run out of stock. If you see any in stock, make your decision to buy this aluminum ladder quickly.

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