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Buying a ladder can be a daunting task. There are so many variables to consider such as what type of ladder to purchase. I have done the research for you. I do not sell ladders. I simply buy them, use them and review them. During my research I have found some absolute shockers of ladders. The reviews these ladders got confirmed the low quality but every now and then you come across a ladder that is getting rave reviews. I will concentrate on these ladders as obviously you want a ladder that will not only do the job but will last and be safe. Here are my selections on not only the best ladders available today but where to buy ladders as well…All the best, Craig

Why Buy Werner?

We know that Werner make premium ladders but why are they at the top of the tree. Read here…

Rubbermaid 3 Step

Looking for a small 3 step stool for home use? Think Rubbermaid. Read the features and benefits here.

Ladder Brands

Buy a ladder from the most trusted names. Neiko, Little Giant, Werner and Louisville rank best.

Top Rated Ladders

Putting the top rated ladders on one page allows you to make an educated decision on what type of ladder to buy.

Best 6ft Ladder

The race for the best 6ft ladder came down to Werner V’s Louisville. See the winner here

Ladder Buying Guide

Knowing what to look for when buying a ladder takes the guesswork out of it. Does your ladder meet these requirements?

Ladder Safety Tips

Your safety and that of your employees is vitally important. Read these ladders safety tips before using your ladder.

Ladder Reviews

Number one priority is safety when it comes to ladders. These ladders meet, and in some cases, exceed these guidlines.

Articles and Guides

Articles designed to give you information so that you are armed with the correct data to purchase your next ladder.

What Criteria Do I Use When Reviewing A Ladder?

Reviews of ladders on this site come from a number of reliable sources. Firstly, actual user reviews are used as well as comments and statements made from resellers of ladders. My personal experience from using a number of ladders are also used. I have had the opportunity to test drive some products from manufacturers and these opinions are also expressed. I also review manufacturers such as Werner, Louisville, Little Giant and Cosco. Afterall, you are not only buying a ladder, you are buying the reputation behind the maker of the ladder.

DISCLAIMER: This website contains some affiliate links to merchants pages. This could result in me being paid some commissions.These payments go toward maintaining this website so as to give you relevant and up to date information regarding ladders.

Top Ladder Picks

Importance Of Ladder Choice

Types Of Ladders

20 Foot Ladder

28 Foot Ladder

32 Feet Ladder

Attic Access Ladder

3 Step Stool

Best Fiberglass Ladders

Best Folding Ladders

Folding Attic Ladder

Little Giant Step Ladder

Louisville Fiberglass Ladder

Pull Down Ladder

Step Ladder Under $100

Telesteps Ladder

Top Rated Ladders

Werner Fiberglass Extension

Werner Folding Ladder


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